Criminal Law FAQs

These articles look at a wide range of  criminal law topics and common questions tailored for those that may be look for legal services or representation in British Columbia.

Subjects and questions range from whether there an equivalent to the 5th Amendment in Canada and how to prepare to meet your BC criminal defence lawyer, to what circumstances police are allowed to search your property in Canada and how bail is determined.

If you are facing criminal charges in the Lower Mainland and have any questions, contact Michael Bloom for a free defence consultation.

Is There a Difference Between Sexual Assault and Sexual Interference?
Sexual assault and sexual interference are serious crimes. They have one major difference: the age of the victim. Here is a brief overview of the two crimes.
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What to Look for in a BC Criminal Defence Lawyer
In today’s blog, we will talk about what to look for when hiring a criminal defence lawyer in British Columbia.
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The Stages of a Criminal Trial in British Columbia
The stages of a criminal trial in British Columbia are similar to stages in criminal trials across Canada. In today’s blog article, we will discuss what those stages are. 
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When Do you get bail money back in Canada
The simple answer to the question in the title is that bail money is returned in Canada as soon as your case is resolved—one way or another—provided that you have not breached any of the terms of your release (bail). Read more here.
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How Are Search Warrants Obtained in Canada?
Believe it or not, how search warrants are obtained and executed is a complex area of the law. Citizens have a right to privacy in their homes, so police have to obtain a search warrant if they want to enter and search the premises.
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How Is Drug Trafficking Defined in Canada?
Drug trafficking is a serious charge defined by federal law. Intent to sell or distribute is the important part that prosecutors look for. Also, different types drugs are classified differently, and charges and penalties vary with the type of drug.
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How Do Prior Convictions Affect Sentencing in BC Criminal Courts
There are many things that affect sentencing in British Columbia’s criminal court system. Judges have to base their sentencing decisions on guidelines set forth by the BC Criminal Code, statutory minimums and maximums and, also limitations set by Parliament and Supreme Court decisions.
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The 3 Main Categories of Criminal Offences
In Canada, if you are charged with a criminal offence, the crown counsel decides the type and category of offence that applies to you. There are three main categories of offences, and they each spell a slightly different court process and have different penalties.
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