Under What Circumstances Are Police Allowed to Search Your Property in Canada?

January 29th, 2021 in Criminal Law FAQs

When you are dealing with the police, it is important to know your rights as a Canadian. This blog article will explain to you about the legality of property searches in Canada.

The police can enter your home under two circumstances. First, they can pop in and search your house with your permission. Second, the police can jump in and search your house if they have an arrest or search warrant. Third, the police have the power to enter your home in certain emergencies with exigent circumstances, if they have good reason to believe, for example, that you are in the process of destroying evidence.

Entry with permission in Canada

The police can enter and search your house if you give them permission. This means that someone who lives in your compound allows the police to enter. Permission can only be given by an adult. If the police want to enter your compound without a warrant, you should face them confidently and tell them to please leave.

Entry with a warrant

The police can enter your compound if they provide an arrest warrant or they can enter and search your home or office with a search warrant. These are signed documents that state either who is to be arrested or what kinds of materials the police are looking for in your home or office. The search warrant piece of paper gives the police the power to enter your home without your permission. If you don’t allow the police to enter your compound you might be charged with obstructing them.

Search warrant

A search warrant empowers the police to enter your home for the things written in the warrant. You have the right to see what is listed in the search warrant. The police are not allowed to destroy your things at home.

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