Return of Seized Money and Property

Seized Money and Property (Civil Forfeiture)

The police can seize your money or property whether or not you have been charged with an offense. The government has a strong task force of police and experts devoted to trying to identify if money is acquired illegally.

If they even suspect that your money is not rightfully yours, and even without proof of a criminal charge, the government can seize your property from you.

The process the government uses to seize your property is not a criminal process and therefore the prosecution only has to prove on a balance of probabilities that the property was acquired illegally.

This is a lower standard or proof, which makes it easier for the government to seize your property. During the process the police can take your money and property and it takes skilled efforts to have your money and property returned.

It is therefore imperative that you hire a skilled defence lawyer who will fight tirelessly for your seized assets. A skilled lawyer will establish why you have a legitimate claim and the colour of right to your assets and will argue that the police do not require your property during their investigation and do not have lawful authority to keep it.

Michael Bloom, a criminal defence lawyer, will do whatever it takes to have your money or property returned. He is not intimidated by the prosecution, having been a former prosecutor, and he will fight for what is rightfully yours to be returned.

The police can take away what is rightfully yours with ease, but don’t let them keep it.

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