Property Crimes


The charge of mischief covers a wide array of acts. A mischief charge can be prosecuted for vandalizing or damaging private property or the public destruction of property. It is a broad charge with many possible consequences.

An experienced lawyer will know how to navigate your case and will tailor a defence that is unique and relevant to exactly what you are being charged with.


Theft is defined as “taking with intent anything which is not one’s own.” Although seemingly straightforward, it is a technical charge that is best defended by a skilled defence lawyer. In your defence, it is important that no factor, however small, be overlooked.

Identity Theft and Fraud

With the rise of the Internet and online transactions, identity theft and fraud charges have become much more common. Crime stopping efforts against these crimes have increased as well.

The Crown takes these charges very seriously, and all major police forces have specialized units dedicated to detecting, investigating and prosecuting identity theft and other forms of fraud. Fraud cases are hard fought by the Crown, and are often undertaken by the specialized commercial crime unit of the prosecution.

If you have been charged with identity theft or fraud, it is extremely important that you arm your defence with a lawyer who is prepared, and experienced with battling these sophisticated task forces and charges.

Do not delay in hiring a defence lawyer to afford yourself the best possible defence against these sophisticated crime-fighting units.

Possession of Stolen Property

Being in possession of, or having control over stolen property is what defines this charge. In the eyes of the law, you can still be charged with a criminal offense, even if you did not physically steal anything.

This charge may not be your fault, and it is in your best interest to hire the most thorough defence lawyer in the Lower Mainland for these types of charges. Someone like me.


A theft charge escalates in the eyes of the law when the unlawful taking of property, or an attempt to steal, is combined with violence or the threat of violence.

The Crown takes these charges extremely seriously and they will advocate for a significant jail sentence, the maximum sentence being life imprisonment.

Breaking & Entering

Breaking & Entering is defined as going into a place without legal authority (even if nothing is “broken” in the process), either with the intent to commit an offense, or actually committing an offense.

The consequences of being convicted of this offense largely depend on the location of the crime. In its most serious form, home invasion, the maximum penalty is life imprisonment, and the Crown will fight to have you incarcerated for a significant period of time.

It is imperative that you enlist the services of a strong defence lawyer to defend you against this charge and its consequences.

Home Invasion

Home invasion is a breaking and entering charge that involves entering an occupied dwelling residence. There is no specific section in the Criminal Code for home invasion, but this charge is treated differently than other breaking and entering offenses. The fact that the event occurred in an occupied dwelling residence is an aggravating feature, and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Home invasion is also mentioned on the website page, Violent offenses. [internal link to Violent offenses page]

The maximum penalty for home invasion is life imprisonment, and the prosecutor will ask for a significant jail sentence if you are found guilty of this charge. It is imperative that you retain a strong defence lawyer to defend you against this charge and its consequences.

Michael Bloom is an experienced defence lawyer who will defend you just as mercilessly as the prosecution will fight against you. His experience working as a Crown prosecutor taught him how to identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case.

With this knowledge, he will develop a defence strategy and trial plan that will provide you with the strongest possible defence.

Don’t let the prosecution put you away for life; retain the services of Michael Bloom to vigorously defend your livelihood and freedom.

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